New Features of the Canvas Gradebook

The New GradebookDo you use or plan to use the Canvas Gradebook this semester?

NOTE: Students will not see any significant changes on their view of the gradebook.

If yes, watch the video and review the help guides for an overview of the changes.

Gradebook Overview link to video
New Gradebook Overview [6:46] - a video for Instructors

Hide/Post GradesDo you use the "Mute Grades" feature in Canvas?

If yes, this feature has changed. Review the help guides to learn how to hide and post grades using the new "Grade Posting Policies" feature.


Late Submission PoliciesDo you apply late submission policies in your course syllabus?

If yes, you can now automate this process in Canvas. Review the help guides below.


Final Grade OverrideDo you have to override grades in Banner at the end of the semester?

If yes, you can now override the final grade in Canvas using the "Allow Final Grade Override" feature. Review the help guide below.